Who are we?


Autonomy and freedom
For the last 40 years, giving a person their independence and freedom has been our guide. This is why nearly 750 highly skilled staff have worked on a daily basis, with one sole purpose: compensate the disability.







We have offices throughout France and in Switzerland. We see patients in our offices, but also in hospitals, centres, clinics, etc… This proximity, which is essential for our patients and their medical environment ensures our team act quickly.


Research and development
Our teams are constantly looking for innovative solutions to provide devices tailored to our patient’s daily needs. Today, our subsidiary, Rodin4D is a leader in the orthopaedic digital technology market. Established in 2004, it develops and markets innovative CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) solutions to render the ortho-prosthesist profession more precise.


Industry and components
The French group G2M joined the Lagarrigue Group in October 2017. A key player in the orthopaedic industry, this new branch will strengthen our presence in the international orthopaedic landscape. Today, G2M is a manufacturer and key distributor of orthotic and prosthetic components, positioning frames, supplies and raw materials for the orthopaedic industry.


Lagarrigue Group and its subsidiaries
Several well-known subsidiaries enhance the Lagarrigue Groupe on the national territory. Since our patients may have different expectations, we want to propose the most extensive range of tailored solutions.
Ravier Touzard, Acor Orthopedie, Houradou Orthopedie, Ledos Podologie…. have all joined the Lagarrigue Group.



Proximity throughout the world
Committed to offering our French expertise throughout the world, the Lagarrigue Group is ambitious and wants to export its model beyond the national territory. As such, the Lagarrigue Group has integrated Swiss expertise, thanks to the companies Orthoconcept and Daniel Robert Orthopedie.

Lagarrigue Sport
Sport is an important social force. This is why the Lagarrigue Group has become involved to provide solutions adapted to our patient’s various sporting practices.

Thanks to a strong involvement, and in partnership with the Colomiers (31) Athletics Club, in France, the Group has successfully created a Disabled Sports section.
Throughout the year, we propose Running blade tests for amputees, Ski Days but also running outings.